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Product Customization

We are always highly concerned about how to make flexible containers that meet the standards set by our customers. Customers tell us that "we have made their jobs easier by providing technical packaging solutions. We continue to be a company that lets the needs and expectations of our customers guide the operations of our business. BMPL's product come in a wide range of filling, discharge, lifting, customized to meet your specific need. Our design offers FIBC / bulk bag users a cost-effective approach to bulk packaging at the same time maintaining the integrity of the big bag's original size. We offer a variety of bulk bags in all construction.

U Panel
4 Panel
Lifting Options
Corner Loop
Cross Corner
D Loop
Tunnel Loop
Two Loop
One Loop
Stevedore Loop
Extra Loop
Filling Options
Top Spout
Top Spout with flap
Conical Top Spout
Top Skirt
Open Top
Discharge & Closure Options
Double Bottom Spout
Bottom Spout with Flap Cover
Bottom Spout
Conical Bottom Spout
Flat Bottom
Star Closure System
Swan Neck Closure System
Pyjama Closure System
Liner Options
Tubular Liner
Liner with top spout
Liner with top and bottom spout
Other Bags
Un Bag
Conductive Bag
D Type Bag
Other Options
  •   Dust Proof (Double & Triple)
  •   Perimeter Belt
  •   Printing: 4 side, 4 color
  •   Velcro
  •   Hose Pipe
  •   104 Style Loop
  •   Loop on Loop
  •   Multifilament Loop
  •   Soft Loop
  •   Safety Band
  •   Patches
  •   Double Layer Fabric
  •   BOPP Film
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