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4s Bag

A 4-Panel Bag derives its name from the construction whereby 4 side panels are sewn together to make the bag body. Four panel bags tend to hold their shape better than other types of bags and are better suited for stacking. It construction is excellent for a variety of applications and is available custom designed. It's suitable to load different types of material.

Conductive Bag

Type "C" or conductive bulk bags (FIBC) are constructed from fabrics having inter-connected conductive threads. The bag must be electrically grounded during filling and discharge. The difference in the two is the flow of the electrical resistance. Conductive bags allow the electrons to flow easily across the bag and charges go to the ground or another conductive object. It's suitable to use in the presence of any potentially flammable atmospheres with either dust or gas vapor.

Cross corner Bag

Bulk bags (FIBC) with cross corner loops are formed by attaching one piece of the loop to one panel or area of the bag and attaching the other piece of the loop to an adjacent panel or area of the bag. It can be used to carry different types of material.

UN Certified Bag

UN Bags are produced in accordance with UN Regulations for transporting hazardous materials. UN (United Nations) certified bulk bags, suitable for transporting goods classified as UN Dangerous Goods; this includes contaminated ground waste and asbestos. It can be used to hold with different types of material including carbon blacks and food stuffs.

Q Bag

Baffle bags can be made to fit the pallet, while maintaining their mostly square shape. Baffled bags are ideal for products with good "Flow-Ability" and must meet strict bag size requirements such as export containers or limited fill/discharge space. The larger panel width allows corners to be filled with 25%-30% more product. It can be used to carry different types of material.

Tubular Bag

Tubular bag is made of only two pieces, consisting of a seamless cylindrical tube and the bottom piece, which is sewn on. It can be used to hold with different types of material.

Liner Bag

A liner bag is constructed of polyethylene and is excellent for protecting the product within the bag from the elements. A PE liner can be inserted into a PP woven bag with sew, glued or left loose, creating a barrier between the bulk bag and the product. Liner bags feature a flat bottom or a discharge spout that can be tied off internally or drawn through the discharge spout and tied off. Its Liners eliminate product damage.

U Panel Bag

U panel bags have a single fabric sheet forming two opposite sides and the bottom of the bag. It is especially suitable as an interior partition, liner panel for mini-storages or as an exterior vertical wall panel. U-Panel is an economical, structural, through-fastened roof or wall panel suitable for general usage. It can be used to hold with different types of material.
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