Bangladesh Masterpack Ltd.

We always offer compact solution under one platform. We love what we do, which reflect in our product quality and customer service. BMPL sell solution to the customer. We have our compact plant; from extrusion to baling we closely monitor all the relevant process through our strong quality control department.

Our factory, just 60km north of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, is equipped with a wide variety of machines. We are proud of our expertise in the production of Big Bags and WPP bags with many structural customization as per the requirements of buyers. Along with that, we are also capable of providing Liners, Lamination and Printing (of up to 4 colors) with our bags. We are ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 certified. We have our own quality control department and testing lab for quality assurance.

We believe in building relationship by delivering quality products. We have a wide variety of bags that we produce, with a holding capacity ranging from 50kgs-3500kgs. Our product safety factor (SF) is maximum 8:1.

Our Facilities

Tape Extrusion Unit

Loom (Weaving) Unit

Needle Loom Unit

Lamination Unit

Cutting Unit

Printing Unit

Liner Extrusion Unit

Assembling Unit

Air Wash Unit

Light Table Unit

Metal Detector Unit

Baling Unit

Testing Facilities

UV Testing Unit

Tensile Testing Unit

SWL Testing Unit

Dart Testing Unit

MFI Testing Unit

How we produce

Quality is our priority and Bangladesh Masterpack Limited follows stringent quality checking system during production process from 100% virgin yarn to finished goods. We rigorously examine each and every component of the bags. We make sure any non-conforming products are marked and immediately take away from conforming goods, only right product will deliver . We are equipped with all the equipment for doing the necessary tests as per ISO 21898 standards. Our maintenance department is always aware and ensures that our all machinery compiles with industry standards and regulations using machine calibration and optimization which is essential to establish a known and repeatable level of process capability to ensure quality.

Tractability is one of the most significant attribute of our FIBCs. We are able to track back through the production process. This process involve all the way to the raw material, to trace the problem. This phenomenon assists to find out root cause of the particular problem and taking corrective action to avoid and not commit the same mistakes.

Our employees are committed to ensure the quality of products and services. We work as a team and support each other to bring best which aim to satisfy customers. We invest in training programs that upgrades the skills of existing workers for new technologies and production processes which improve employee productivity tends to best quality. We believe in motivation besides training which makes them care about what they are doing and promised to follow higher standard of quality

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