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Bangladesh Masterpack Ltd, a forerunner in industrial bulk packaging in Bangladesh. We began formal operation in 2009 and since then have achieved the status of being counted as one of the most reliable producers of industrial bulk packaging in Bangladesh. However the management and production team have been working in this industry since 1996 through its sister concerns.

This company was established as a joint venture with The Masterpack Group. Bangladesh Masterpack Ltd., however, reserves its own absolute full rights of products branding, promotion and marketing to serve clients worldwide. Operating on the principle that the client's requirements are our specifications, we provide for very high levels of customization in all our products. The extent to which we customize our products according to the client's desires is well described by the line 'The client gives the recipe, we simply make the meal'. We at Bangladesh Masterpack Ltd. try to measure up to 'customer standards' rather than just 'industry standards'. We understand that for many of our customers merely achieving 'industry standards' is just not enough. Hence we are constantly engaged in bringing innovation and improvement to every aspect of our operations to achieve the standard which our clients expect from us.

Our products are not merely customizable in terms of design but rather qualities as well. To emphasize the commitment of Bangladesh Masterpack Ltd towards quality, safety and efficiency, the Company has achieved the ISO 9001 2008, ISO 22000 2005 certification standards.


Our vision has never changed, though our product lines have. We expand to meet an on-growing list of new challenges from global customers: Meeting those challenges with new designs, new products and new services, such as our offshore partnerships that transcend those companies who are satisfied to manufacture stock solutions to what they sense their customers can accept. We are committed to deliver to our employees, community, customers, a differentiated value proposition, driven by our focused strategies for Growth and Operational Excellence.

Our customers know that "industry standards" don't always measure up to that of theirs. Bangladesh Masterpack customers continue to expect more from us. They know they can count on Masterpack to innovate, create, craft, and deliver, all the while maintaining focus on their needs. Our customers know we understand the definition of "responsiveness" and "individual attention". Every day we open our doors is a day we commit to being the company we set out to be. And we know we get there by meeting and exceeding the expectations.


Bangladesh Masterpack Limited is committed to produce and supply FIBC product as per customer's requirements. We aim to bring the most cost-effective and single stop packaging solutions with customer satisfaction where quality and timely delivery is our prime focus. We assure continual improvement of quality management system. We believe in creating value relationship with customer through our quality product and global portfolio by exceeding customer expectation and achieving market leadership.

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