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Usages / Handling

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) has already gained huge success and being extensively used in all the developed countries as most inexpensive but effective storage, transportation and packaging solution for food grains, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bakery products and as well as Industrial products. They are able to hold between 500 and 2000 Kilograms of bulk materials. In fact, FIBCs are prized for their superior package-to-product weight ratio which is estimated to be five to seven pounds per metric ton.

Filling FIBCs

First of all make sure all lifting loops are attached to the filling rig/suspended on the fork lift prongs. If possible, the base of the bag should be supported (ground or pallet). Lifting loops must be at 90 degrees. Ensure the FIBC is filled evenly. Make sure the FIBC is stable before storage and double stacking.

Emptying FIBCs

FIBCs discharge by gravity. Make sure the FIBC is securely suspended & area below is clear of personnel. Do not place self underneath suspended bag. FIBCs can be discharged by hand scooping the product out of the FIBC or cutting the base or sides of the FIBC.

Storage of FIBCs

FIBC's have UV stabilisers added however UV from sunlight will weaken materials over a period of time. If FIBC's are stored outside for any length of time it is recommended that a tarpaulin or cover be placed over the bags to protect from UV degradation.

Check Each Bag before Use

Check the correct safety label of the bag. Check the bag for damage. A new bag can be damaged during transport or storage. Check the safety factor 6:1 before multiple uses.


  • Support the bag while filling.
  • Fill the bag evenly, avoid awkward stop or start filling.
  • Move the bag horizontally with forklift.
  • Lift and lower the bag gently.


  • Never over load the bag more than SWL rating.
  • Never fill with flammable materials or take closure to the flammable materials.
  • Never use for multiple trips which has Safety Factor below 6:1
  • Never over fill the bag where the materials may overflow or drop
  • Never lift multiple bags from a single hook
  • Never drag the loaded or filled bag
  • Never allow any person to stand under the filled bag
  • Never lift the bag suddenly which could damage the bag loops
  • Never let the hanged bag to swing
  • Never stack the bags more than 4 level high
  • Never get the bag in contact with sharp objects, oil, acid or chemicals
  • Never leave the filled bag prolong under rough weather including full sun

By adhering to this guide to emptying your FIBC, you will be able to reap all the benefits in efficiency and cost that come from bulk bags while maintaining a safe working environment for your personnel.

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